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About Us
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The name has been derived from ‘Mushk’ which is a Persian word for ‘Musk’. Musk is a class of aromatic substances commonly used as a base note in perfumery.

Mushkiya to be meant as “Like Mushk’’.
Our vision is to become like Mushk and make your life more fragrant.
In this world of ‘fast-changing fashion’, it’s not an easy task for people who are fashionable yet socially conscious and stick to conservative clothing styles because of their religious values or any other reason to look fashionable and go with the trend.
Mushkiya brings the solution to all those people who love to be trendy but still want to stay modest when it comes to fashion.

Modern, Modest and Elegant:

That’s our motto while selecting our merchandise. We want you to wear your modesty with attitude, elegance, and confidence and that takes a lot of effort and brainstorming.
No more hunting to thousands of stores in malls and high streets, no more browsing to many websites looking for one dress that doesn’t make you feel ‘left out’.
Uniquely designed with a modest appeal, Mushkiya gives you what you want:- unprecedented access to the latest looks of the season, style solutions for easy on the go looks and convenient worldwide delivery.
We hope to help build a world where all the people hold their heads high and celebrate their identity.


The Mushkiya Mission:

Headquartered in New Delhi and serving the modest clothing needs of our customers throughout India, Mushkiya focuses on offering high quality, hand-selected clothing, apparel and accessories for Men and Women, combined with friendly service. As one of the leading online retailers of stylish, modest clothing for men and women, we have made it our mission to continue making high-quality designer products that are modern as well as modest at the same time.

We hand select our styles to create a clothing line so stylish and unique that it is like surrounding yourselves in luxurious comfort. They look as good as it feels. Our modest dressing combines an ethnic cultural ethos along with contemporary aesthetics to create high fashion looks for women.


Mushkiya is:

Where Modern Designs meet Traditional Craftsmanship.
Where Trend meets Modesty.
Where Values are given equal priority to Style.
We also own offline Stores in Delhi, Mumbai, and Aligarh apart from some shop in shops and more are coming soon across India.

Contact Details:

Mushkiya Lifestyles Pvt Ltd
G-79, Shaheen Bagh,
Abul Fazal Enclave-II
Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi-110025
M: 9891136261, +91 8447836261
[email protected]


Our Products:

Mushkiya deals in Women’s clothing and accessories which are MODERN, MODEST &ELEGANT. We produce full Modest Wear Range for Women under the brand name of Mushkiya that includes: