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  1. Dubai Style Abaya|Designer Abaya in Dual Color-Black & Beige
  2. Designer Kaftan-Abaya Combo-Rust & Black
  3. Designer Kaftan Burqa Combo- Black & Grey
  4. Designer Kaftan & Abaya Combo-Puce Pink & Grey
  5. Dubai Style Designer Abaya with Frilled Bottoms
  6. Winter-Coat Abaya-Black
  7. Gorgeous Black-Embroidered Abaya with Black Stones Black
  8. Front Open Burqa with Embroidery
  9. Designer Burka |Front Open Burka with Embroidery
  10. Casual Burqa With Zipper-Black
  11. Simple yet Stylish Front Open-Embroidered Abaya Black
  12. Designer Burqa for a Special Occasion-Black Burqa
  13. Embroidered Irani kaftan in Free Size-Not An Abaya
  14. Embroidered Irani kaftan in Free Size - Black-Black
  15. Modest Abaya with Cape- Teal & Black
  16. Long Stylish Coat with Zippers-Not Islamic
  17. Sidra-Falling Shrug Abaya-Black
  18. Multi layered-Dual Color Designer Dress-Not An Abaya
  19. Designer Dress With Luxurious Feel and Looks-Not An Abyaa
  20. Designer Dress With Cape and Bell Sleeves-Not An Abaya
  21. Dubai Abaya Like Dress with Pearl Lace and Yoke-Not An Abaya
  22. Stylish Dress with Black and Silver Brocade-Not An Abaya
  23. Fashionable Dress with Designer Net Layer-Not An Abaya
  24. Two Pieces Set of Black Inner Abaya & Georgette Kaftan-Not An Abaya
Grid List

Items 1-24 of 256

Set Descending Direction