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  1. Occasion Wear Gown With Umbrella Flare and Frills
  2. Occasion Wear Modest- Designer Dress
    Out of Stock
  3. Three Pieces Set - Inner Abaya With a Designer Shrug and Stole Hijab.
  4. Sleeveless Jumpsuit With Coat Abaya & Stole Hijab
  5. Three Piece Set- Dual Layered Designer Abaya With Hijab & Mouth Piece.
  6. Four Pieces Set- Dual Abaya Set With Stole & Mouth Piece.
  7. Four Pieces Set- Double Abaya Set With Khimar, Stole & Mouth Piece.
  8. Four Pieces Set- Dual Layer Abaya With Khimar, Shrug & Stole Hijab.
  9. Three Pieces Set- Abaya With Shrug & Hijab
  10. Two Pieces Set- Designer Abaya With Hijab
  11. Two Pieces Set- Abaya With Hijab
  12. Three Pieces Set- Abaya With Shrug & Hijab
  13. Designer kaftan Dress With Sequin Work.
    Out of Stock
  14. Printed Floral Dress With Umbrella Flare.
  15. Front Open Dress With Zipper And Designer Sleeves.
    Out of Stock
  16. Stylish Coat Abaya
    Out of Stock
  17. Front Open Dress Abaya With Shirt Collar
    Out of Stock
  18. Modest Dress With Frills
    Out of Stock
  19. Designer Abaya With Frills
  20. Designer Modest Dress With Frills and Layers
  21. Designer Modest Dress With Unique Pattern
  22. Designer Gown In Saree Pattern
  23. Designer Dress Gown In Premium Georgette Fabric.
  24. Designer Dress For Hijabis With Embroidery Work
  25. A-Line Abaya Gown With Belt
Grid List

Items 1-25 of 98

Set Ascending Direction